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Stephen Amell is the undisputed king of superhero social media, and after a short break, he was back tonight with a two part Q&A session on Facebook that was chock full of great moments. (Warning: He also swears, just the once.)

His Absence and THAT Batman Comment

First of all, he reassures fans that he wasn't taking an intentional hiatus, and he's not becoming disillusioned with social media (heaven forfend!), but that sometimes, there's just not much to talk about.

Next up in his intro was a little amused reminder that headlines aren't always accurate, and that he would rather give an 'actual' answer to questions at conventions. These comments are in relation to the recent furor over his statement that his Green Arrow could beat Batman in a fight, which made nerd-news headlines all over the internet (unsurprisingly!) As always, it's nice to see that Amell has his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Two-Truths-And-A-Lie About The Mid-Season Finale

As part of the Q&A, Amell talked about a whole range of subjects including the mid-season finale, his favorite upcoming line, and a future appearance on Saturday Night Live. However, one of the most interesting moments was a little game of two truths and a lie, centering around the mid-season finale. Obviously, the point of the game is that we don't know which one is the lie, but here's a run down of his three statements as we try and puzzle it out ahead of this Wednesday!

"There are not one, but two Christmas tree lightings"

Also this happens...
Also this happens...

This is easily possible, especially as the episode is the last one before Christmas. In the trailer, we see Team Arrow at the Queen campaign offices having a Christmas party, and there are plenty of sparkly lights in the background. In his campaign for Mayor, it would make sense for Oliver to make an appearance at the Star City tree lighting before this, so that's one.

As for the second, given the focus this season (and this episode especially) on Oliver and Felicity's relationship, we may see a smaller tree lighting at their place -- just to hammer home the possible loss when she is kidnapped, of course. Or after the incredible events of 'Legends of Yesterday,' he may be with his son for the tree-lighting at their home; another heart-string tugger for the viewers.

Verdict: Two tree lightings is not only probable, but it doesn't give anything important away, so it's a truth that he would be able to reveal. TRUTH!

"I get bitten by a shark"

While this one sounds ridiculous, it is actually possible. We all remember King Shark and his appearance on The Flash, and while he was hit by an energy blast from Harrison Wells and presumably destroyed, we don't know exactly what that gun was (Harrison Wells isn't exactly known for telling the truth, either.) King Shark may have been transported to Earth Two and found his way back again, he may have only been temporarily destroyed -- we just don't know.

There is a second, much more logical, possibility though. We haven't seen any island flashbacks for a few episodes, and while there are no sharks hanging out in the waters of Star City, there would definitely be a few around Lian Yu. Oliver also has quite a collection of scars, some angry mercenaries after him on the island, and a woman in a cave who may try to run or to fish. The shark-attack possibilities here are pretty much endless (as long as we are talking about a small shark in shallow waters).

Verdict: As silly as it sounds on first pass, this is actually very possible (and a great misdirection!). TRUE!

"I'm the only one to wear the Arrow suit"

This final statement seems pretty true on the face of it; as we see in the trailer, Diggle, the usual go-to decoy Arrow, is captured alongside Speedy and Felicity, and Oliver and Laurel have to save them.

However, there are a few other options for sidekicks who would be willing to suit up and take on Damien Darkh. Captain Lance, who we see in the trailer hanging out in the Arrow cave, could conceivably don the suit if he thought that it would save Star City, although this may be the least likely option.

Malcom Merlyn, who returned last week, could also be a contender. He's definitely not a fan of Damien, but he does care about Thea, and would easily be part of a plan to save her. Finally, let's not forget about Ray Palmer. He hasn't been doing a whole lot lately (as he figures out what he wants to do with his life *cough become a Legend*) but suiting up to save Felicity may be the thing that convinces him to take up saving people on a regular basis.

Verdict: Oliver has previously had others wear the suit to pull off a plan, and there are plenty of invested contenders who could do it. LIE!

All of which means that we have some flashbacks, Christmas cheer, and a convoluted and daring plot to free Diggle, Thea and Felicity from the hands of Damien Darkh. We have had some hints that this plan may not work out quite how Oliver expects -- does wearing the Green Arrow suit cost one of Oliver's friends their life, or is he unable to save all three of his kidnapped loved ones?

Luckily, we don't have long to wait, as the mid-season finale is almost here!

Dark Waters airs Dec 9th on the CW


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