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Tune into the latest telecast of your favourite comedy movies, The Hangover, Rumble in the Bronx, The Animal, Shaolin Soccer and Surf’s Up this December on HBO South Asia.

December is the month of enjoyment and merrymaking. As you wait for Christmas and gear up to enter into a new year, HBO South Asia brings the best of entertainment for you to spread cheers and laughter. Hop on the comedy train and laugh your heart out because we have got the magical gift to make you smile. So, join the brigade and be a happy-go-lucky person with us. Mentioned below are selected few comedy films that will be featured on HBO South Asia this December. Therefore, sit on the couch holding your stomach till tears come out of your eyes.

The Hangover

Begin with the blockbuster comedy movie that broke all records. The Hangover truly lets open the extravaganza. Directed in 2009 by Todd Phillips, this guy flick stars the famous four – Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Ed Helms in the leading roles. The film is about four friends Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug who have a bachelor that goes wrong. They celebrate the impending marriage of Doug at Las Vegas only to wake up with a hangover that seems like no less than a nightmare when the bachelor himself is found missing.

Rumble in the Bronx

This Stanley Tong 1995 direction has Jackie Chan, Francoise Yip and Anita Mui in the main lead. This action comedy focuses on a young man Ma Hon Keung (Chan) who enters into a rivalry with the robbing and vandalizing local street gang. Keung has many foes but only one skill to fight them, which is martial art. Watch how the police official brings law and order back into the city of his halt while having fun.

The Animal

It is a 2001 movie starring Rob Schneider, John McGinley and Colleen Haskell as important characters. Shot under the direction of Luke Greenfield, the flick is about a man Marvin (Rob) whose senses turn beastly after an accident. He gets an organ transplant but to his horror, the donors are revealed to be animals leading to awkward permanent changes in his behaviour. See how the actor wins over the side effects arising out of his transformative behaviour.

Shaolin Soccer

In 2001, Stephen Chow made a sports comedy movie that tells the story of a Shaolin monk named Sing played by Stephen Chow himself. The Shaolin kung fu master reunites with a soccer star to promote the martial art through game. Including Vicki Zhao and Man Tat Ng in significant roles, this flick depicts how the Shaolin kun fu experts come together to change the fate of the fading art by adopting a popular game.

Surf’s Up

This film of 2007 portrays the tale of Cody Maverick (Shia LaBeouf), a penguin who aspires to become a professional surfer since he met a legend, Big Z (Jeff Bridges). He registers into a surfing contest only to make it big while having fun. Catch up with this animation comedy flick to find out who out-surfs whom and what the destiny has in store for Cody.

Watch the comedy movies on tv only on HBO South Asia and keep laughing all the way in winters.


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