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The unveiling of the 2016 Pirelli Calendar has been a hot topic in recent weeks due to the company's decision to shoot a very different type of calendar than what we have all come to expect.

Instead of the traditional display of scantily clad models, the 43rd edition of the calendar features photographs of (mostly) fully clothed woman chosen for their achievements rather than their waist measurements.

Shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, the line-up of inspirational women included artist Yoko Ono, writer Tavi Gevinson, rocker Patti Smith, and tennis champion Serena Williams to name but a few.

Comedienne Amy Schumer was among the 13 women featured in the calendar and yesterday she shared a beautiful outtake photo from the shoot, featuring herself and Annie Leibovitz with the caption, "Seems I'm an absolute pleasure to shoot."

It seems that the project has had quite a positive effect on the comedy actress with her proudly posting photos from the shoot on several of her social media platforms and claiming...

"I looked more beautiful than I've ever felt in my life.

And I felt like it looked like me."

Schumer couldn't resist adding a little humor into the project by famously pretending she didn't get the memo to keep her clothes on.

Amy's charm has always been that she is hard-working, relatable and hilarious and so it is certainly fitting that she be involved in a project embracing a significant change in what we perceive to be inspiring and beautiful.

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