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Where does Ryan Reynolds end, and where does Deadpool begin? The actor is such a snug fit for Marvel's Merc With a Mouth, it makes sense to completely capitalize on his popularity. And that's exactly what Fox is doing with its innovative marketing campaign.

As the only Marvel character to regularly break the 'fourth wall' and address the audience, the realm of possibilities is endless. It shatters the barrier between the fictional world and the audience, something which has added value to promotional strategies surrounding the film.

Despite the multi-million dollar budget, and the might of Marvel, it turns out Deadpool himself (or is it Reynolds?) is engaging enough to become a one man viral marketing machine. And it's exactly those traits, and the effortless portrayal by Reynolds, that are on show in the trailer below.

Everything a Core Fan Needs

The latest addition is to the well oiled promotion train is "Deadpool Core." What really should be a simple mailing list is much, much more. The ingenious website is encouraging fans to sign up become part of an "elite team of Crimson Commandos."

In the FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions) on the website, explanations are provided in the voice of Marvel's R-rated anti-hero. Those of you unsure whether to enter their email address are, surely, provided with enough incentive to join the crew...

You will be locked, cocked, and loaded with everything a true "core fan" needs to prepare for the theatrical release of everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth” all over the world. Mostly, it means you will receive emails with exclusive content and F-ing awesome digital goodies.

With the film due for release in February 12, 2016, we still have a couple of months to bask in the digital glory of inner sanctum goodies. I expect a lot of the material will come under the guise of Reynolds' pieces to camera, and perhaps some pranks, in a similar vein to previous viral videos shared with the world.

An Exclusive Club

As the Tweet above claims, the viral site is intended to make materials more exclusive. Considering the popularity of Deadpool's previous foray into our world, it's a clever way of getting people on board now the buzz has been well and truly generated.

Deadpool derives from the Marvel Comic's popular anti-hero, Wade Wilson, a Special Forces operative who, following a rogue experiment, is left with accelerated healing and a general feeling of injustice (not to mention his twisted humor). The movie will focus on his attempt at finding the man responsible nearly destroying his life. And his face.

The comic breaking the 'fourth wall'
The comic breaking the 'fourth wall'

Reynolds has spoken of his excitement at taking on the role, and believes the meta aspect of the character, as well as the self awareness of where he is, what he is and his creation in a Marvel universe, not only opens the door creatively (for example, the Green Lantern reference in the trailer) but also will appease die hard fans.

Source: Deadpool Core


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