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Cinema is known for bending the limits of reality, and showing us scenes that look totally impossible by any stretch of the imagination -- but are they? Thanks to Discovery channel duo Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who star on the long running show MythBusters, many of cinemas weirdest and most unbelievable scenes have actually been tested, and deemed either 'Busted,' 'Plausible' or 'Confirmed' by their experiments.

Take a look at these examples when MythBusters proved that somewhat outrageous-looking scenes in film could actually be possible:

'Lethal Weapon 2' - A bathtub and bomb blanket will save you from an explosion

MythBuster finding: Confirmed

Remember that scene in Lethal Weapon 2 when Riggs helps Murtaugh escape a pressure-triggered bomb in his toilet by pulling him into a bathtub? Of course you do! Well Jamie and Adam sought to see how realistic that scene was by testing three different parts of the myth.

Firstly the pair tested how quickly Adam was able to pull Jamie into the bathtub, and under a bomb blanket, which turned out to take just 1.95 seconds! Next up they tested how effect liquid nitrogen was at delaying the detonation of a bomb. After experimenting on pouring the nitrogen on different areas of the bomb, they actually found when it was poured over the charge and the battery powering the trigger, the bomb wouldn't detonate at all until it warmed up a full 15 minutes later. This indicated that, surprisingly, the technique was actually more effective in real life than in the movie! For the final experiment, stunt dummy Buster tested whether a bomb blanket over a bathtub would protect a person from the bomb blast. Surprisingly the MythBusters found that a person would survive, but could perhaps have some hearing damage. Who would have thought!

'Goldfinger' - A tuxedo under a drysuit will stay party presentable

MythBuster finding: Confirmed

In the opening of 1964's Goldfinger, James Bond emerges from the water in a drysuit before planting explosives, making a get away and then stripping off the drysuit to reveal a perfectly dry tuxedo underneath. It all looks very smooth, but is it possible? Well according to Jamie and Adam, yes!

In the MythBusters episode 'MiniMyth Madness,' Jamie and Adam each donned a tuxedo, and Jamie then tested the theory by putting on a drysuit and taking a leisurely 40-minute scuba dive! After reconvening with Adam after the dive, Jamie took off his drysuit to reveal a perfectly dry tux with not a droplet of water, nor a wrinkle on it. Adam even recently revealed on Reddit that he and Jamie have the tuxes they wore in this episode, and he still wears his every year to the Emmy Awards.

'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' - landing on an awning can break a fall

MythBuster finding: Plausible

During the opening sequence of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indy and Willie make their escape from the villainous Lao by jumping out a window and falling through two fabric awnings before being cushioned by two of them. In MythBusters: Mega Movie Myths, MythBusters Adam, Tory and Kari sought to find out whether or not the stunt would be survivable in real life.

To test the myth, three fabric awnings were rigged up, and stunt dummy, Buster was flung onto them. While Buster fell through the first awning, the second one bounced him right onto the ground below. However, surprisingly the MythBusters were able to discern, thanks to g-force shock watch stickers, that Buster would have survived his ordeal because his landing force didn't reach the lethal limit of 100 Gs. When Tory replicated the experiment, he ripped through all three

'The Matrix' - A person can jump from a height into a pile of trash and survive

MythBuster finding: Plausible

There's numerous scenes in movies when people land in a pile of trash and seem to be cushioned by pillowy bags, reducing any chance of injury and ensuring a quick getaway. But is any of that realistic?

After avoiding stuff which would endanger a person, such as wood, hospital waste and metal, and filling a dumpster with softer materials, Jamie and Adam then tested their theory and found that it was totally possible to fall into the dumpster, climb out and run away safely. However because the person jumping from a roof would (generally speaking) have no idea is the contents of the dumpster would break their fall, the MythBusters marked the movie myth as 'Plausible.'

'Star Wars' - Swinging across a chasm holding onto someone else is possible

MythBuster finding: Plausible

In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Luke is able to rescue Leia with a daring grappling-hook swing across the chasm in the Death Star, escaping the Stormtroopers. In order to see if this possible in this galaxy, or one far far away, the MythBuster conducted three experiments to see if this was possible.

Firstly Jamie tested the ease of throwing/launching of a grappling hook and cable and having it snag on an overheard feature. After several attempts he managed to catch the hook on an overheard strut making this part of the myth plausible, but slightly unlikely. Next up Jamie tested how well a belt could support the weight of a human, something which caused him pain, leading him to once again conclude that this part of the myth was plausible, but that it was also likely to injure. Lastly, carrying a Sophia Bush as a stand-in Leia, Jamie attempted a final swing and was able to cross the gap safely, leading the MythBusters to declare the myth plausible.

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