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The phrase 'childhood ruined' is often overused these days, but if the kids in these images weren't slightly traumatized by their experiences meeting their 'favorite characters,' they are made of stronger stuff than me.

The 10 creepy mascots in this article are so chilling that most grown adults wouldn't relish the opportunity to sit on their laps and stare into their cold, dead eyes, but which one would you least like to meet in a dark alley?

10. Terror Tubbies

I'd rather you didn't say "eh oh!" To be honest with you...

9. Lovin' It

Ronald thought he had found an awesome new secret ingredient for his 'beef' patties, but the rest of his staff weren't to convinced.

8. I've Seen an Elephant Cry

This is what would happen if the 'Pink Elephants' song was about being on bath salts.

7. Sesame Creep

Elmo just couldn't seem to focus on his work after Burning Man...

6. King John Ill

She's laughing now...

5. You Can Take the Dinosaur Out of the Brutal Past, But You Can't Take the Brutal Past Out of the Dinosaur...

I think Barney has been in childcare a tad too long...

4. Snow White and the Seven NOPES

Snow White clearly has psychological issues for choosing to live with these dudes instead of the infinitely more pleasant option of starving to death in the dark forest.

3. The Say Your Prayers Bears

One day they just stopped caring. .

2. The Grinch Who Scarred Christmas

I know the Grinch is meant to be scary, but think of the children!

1. Be Good For Goodness' Sake

I don't know why this kid is so happy, doesn't he know this guy knows when he's sleeping?!


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