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The Harry Potter wizarding world never fails to impress us with its labyrinths of hidden meanings and magical trivia. And it's a tribute to J. K. Rowling's incredible storytelling that to this day, after eight movies of the franchise, easter eggs continue to be uncovered.

And recently a long-standing fan theory regarding Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore was brought to my attention once again. Essentially it all comes down to the presumption that the Professor is an older version of a younger Ron!

Although it was fun to read, the skeptic in me wasn't sure just how much truth there was to it.

Without any further hesitation, let's break it down into sizable chunks:

1. They look quite similar

Apparently, both are described as having long, thin noses, and are tall and thin. When he was a young man, Dumbledore also reportedly had red hair. Then there is the matter of their shared leg injuries. Dumbledore has a scar on his left leg, whilst Ron sustains a serious break at the end of the book (we never actually know exactly which leg it is though!)

All coincidence? Perhaps.

2. The fact that Dumbledore is so full of wisdom

Have you ever thought about the fact that the reason why Dumbledore appears so wise may be because he already has lived through all these trials and tribulations?

After all, he knows many things -- for example, Quirrell's plot, Sirius's innocence and Harry's initial reaction to Occlumency. And all the events that he does keep himself out of could simply be a ploy to make Harry work them out himself, thus preparing him for the final fight against Voldemort.

Just imagine how cool it would be if he did travel in time and already knew what obstacles would come their way, because he had already seen them all via his younger self -- Ron!

3. They love to chat on about candy

The first time we properly meet Ron, he's munching on some candy on the Hogwarts Express. Similarly, when Dumbledore waltzes into the narrative, we learn about his infamous candy passwords. This would all be totally normal if the following fan hadn't posted this:

In the last chapter of PS/SS, Dumbledore tells Harry that he lost his taste for Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans after eating a vomit flavored bean in his youth. There is one problem with this... Bertie Bott was born in 1935. While Dumbledore is over 150 years old, and for him, 'youth' is a relative term, he could not have possibly eaten a Bertie Bott Every Flavor Bean until the 1950's, most likely even later, making him well over a hundred years old. Even in Dumbledore terms this is hardly his 'youth'. Before anyone makes the brilliant observation that the Bertie Bott card isn't canon, be sure to read the statement from Wizards of the Coast concerning their collaboration with JK Rowling on the making of the cards posted to The Leaky Cauldron.

We already know that Dumbledore was 115 years old when he died, but this is still kind of interesting, right? Let's read on!

4. Ron and Dumbledore don't really cross paths that often

Alongside the fact they are never really in the same place at the same time, Ron actually admits that he doesn't even know Dumbledore that well. When Scrimgeour asks him if he was close to the Professor when Harry, Ron and Hermione gather to hear his will, the Weasley actually says:

"Me? Not — not really ... It was always Harry Who ... "

Later in the passage, after severe questioning from Scrimgeour, J. K. writes the following:

This was stretching the truth to a breaking point; as far as Harry knew, Ron and Dumbledore had never been alone together, and direct contact between them had been negligible.

Isn't it a bit weird that Ron doesn't come in contact with Dumbledore that much, considering Hermione does? Could it be a deliberate move on the Professor's part to avoid his younger self? After all, it is what a true time traveler would do to prevent messing up the turn of events and the timeline.

You have to agree, that since this theory hit the Internet years ago, it has proven to be an interesting read. And whilst we may entertain such ideas, prepare yourself because there is one thing that disproves it all completely. Earlier this year, J.K. tweeted this:

Well, I guess the Ronbledore theory is out. Case closed.



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