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As the final season of America's Next Top Model comes to a close, fashion mogul Tyra Banks has talked to Entertainment Weekly about the effect she believes the show has had on the modeling industry today.

Tyra explained that throughout its 22 cycle run, the show has paved a way for individuals who don't necessarily fit the typical model prototype to launch a successful modeling career.

I think it has opened up the world to accepting reality television stars as models. If you think about Kendall and Kylie [Jenner] — people think Kylie’s not a model, but I think she’s a model — and Gigi [Hadid] and all of these girls from reality television. I think Top Model knocked the doors down for that to be okay in the high fashion world.

From someone like Tyra who's not afraid of poking fun at herself, nor telling the world to kiss her 'fat ass', she alone has certainly injected some fun into what, from the outside, appears as a rather rigid industry.

Kendall and Gigi, who both come from renowned and wealthy family backgrounds made their modeling debuts together earlier this year at the Victoria Secret fashion show. The pair who were seemingly delighted to share this milestone also have spoken openly about making a name for themselves, by themselves.

Talking to Teen Vogue in 2014, Kendall talked of getting started in the modeling world:

”People didn’t want to take a chance on me, I think because I was sort of known. They were a little bit on the fence about it. Some people might think that what I’ve done before made it easier for me to get jobs, but it was actually a disadvantage. I had to work even harder.”

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