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Despite the superstar status of both Anna and Chris, there is a jokiness and a humbleness about them that makes them feel really relatable.

That doesn't mean that we aren't envious of their amazing careers, strong marriage and super cute son Jack! But because they're so at ease with having it all, it turns our jealousy into inspiration as they give us hope that perhaps we'll be in their shoes in a year or two.

Here are 15 times this year that Anna and Chris gave us hope.

1. When This Funny Ass Joke Was Made

2. When This Also Funny Ass Joke Was Made

3. When They Taught Us New Things With The Term 'Felfie'

4. When Anna Shaved Her Legs On The Way To The Red Carpet

5. Red Carpet Luurve

6. Their Impersonation of some British Royal Couple in front of a Jurassic World logo

7. When Anna Awoke Chris Spiritually

8. When They Didn't Make Sense Because They Were Drunk

9. When Chris Put This In The Fridge

10. When They Selfie'd With All Their Friends And It Were Hella Cute

11. When This Photo Was Your Cause Of Death

12. When Chris and Anna Were So Supportive Of One Another

13. When Jack Was On The Porch Swing

14. When This Tweet Was Tweeted

15. When Anna retweeted this


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