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Wolverine and Deadpool: they're two of the most popular characters translated from the Marvel comic books into the 20th Century Fox X-Men universe, and one of them hasn't even really hit the big screen properly yet.

Unfortunately, the only time we've seen them fight on screen Deadpool wasn't really very Deadpool-y. He had swords coming out of his wrists and the whole thing looked a little something like this:

And so ended Ryan Reynolds's first turn as Deadpool / Weapon X in the X-Men Fox cinematic universe, and those who are familiar with the character will note a number of differences in the way he's portrayed here.

Not only is his iconic mouth sealed shut, but he's also granted teleportation, something that doesn't quite reflect his comic book counterpart (he had a disc that he used to teleport in the comics but it wasn't quite the same) and don't get me started on Cyclops's laser optic eyes and the Adamantium swords that protrude from his arms.

Hugh Jackman will be hanging up his Wolverine claws after his turn as Logan in the upcoming Wolverine 3, but there have been rumors floating about that he might cameo in Deadpool. Could this be the rematch we've been waiting for?

Place Your Bets!

So Wolvy and Deadpool fought a few times before in the comics (and we'll get to that) but the outcome of the fight usually depends largely on external narrative factors as the two characters are actually very closely matched in terms of power and abilities.

Of course, comic book continuity does like to mess with the rules, both Wolverine and Deadpool have lost their healing factors at times which would throw some spanners in the works there, but assuming the two are fighting at full power who would you place your bet on?


They both possess incredible healing power, born as they were of the Weapon X Project. We've seen both men come back from being literally torn apart and as seen in the above video from X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool has been decapitated (by Wolverine in fact) and has even healed from that. Neat trick.

Despite the fact that his ability was derived initially from Wolverine's it's generally accepted in the canon that Deadpool edges out the former in terms of healing ability. But Logan's no slouch either – he's been ripped in half by Hulk, healed from a skeleton in Wolverine: Civil War, run over by a steamroller courtesy of the Punisher and survived the very destruction of Hiroshima during World War II, though he wasn't a pretty sight in the aftermath.

Yep, that's his spine.
Yep, that's his spine.

I'm gonna call this one a draw.

Strength & Fighting Style

In terms of sheer strength Wolverine wins out thanks to his Adamantium skeleton, providing him with superior power and durability alongside his healing factor. But whilst they're both masters of martial arts, Deadpool is the superior marksman and swordsman. Battle tactic wise, the martial artist and war vet Wolverine is a skilled and resourceful tactician with animal-like senses, whereas Deadpool is batshit insane and generally makes things up on the fly.

Whilst this leads to some amazing moments of humour it does also provide him with a "unique" and difficult to predict battle style that does provide him with the occasional edge as it makes it hard for an opponent to predict and counter his moves. Because he's hard to read it's much more difficult to plan tactically against him, so despite Wolverine's superior strength I'm gonna give this round to Deadpool.

A Short Comic Book History

Wolverine #88

As mentioned earlier, the two have come to blows before with varying outcomes. In Wolverine #88 Deadpool lays a pretty big smackdown on Wolverine while pursuing his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa (Copycat), impaling Logan on two swords and leaving him for dead.

At this time Wolverine's healing factor wasn't quite at 100% but after his clash with Deadpool it revs up again, allowing him to confront the merc as he attacks Vanessa and her lover Garrison Kane. Realizing that he's outnumbered by the three of them Deadpool flees, so sadly we don't get a rematch this time round.

Winner: Deadpool.

Cable & Deadpool #43

But it's not all bad, Wolverine gets to take his revenge in Cable & Deadpool #43. While in search of those pesky Hydra villains Deadpool gets in his way, obviously Wolverine has no time for any of that so, like in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he simply chopped off Deadpool's head with his Adamantium claws. Ouch.

Of course this didn't kill the mouthy merc, but it certainly solved the immediate problem.

Winner: Wolverine

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

In the fun but very non-canon Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, a semi-brainwashed Deadpool does just that; pretty much taking out all the big Marvel heroes in a murderous rage, even Uatu the Watcher.

Wolverine gets a healthy dose of the death treatment too with Deadpool doing his fourth wall breaking best as he slices him to pieces, mocking him as he says "Your mutant power isn't regeneration. It's popularity." Ouch.

Winner: Deadpool (even though it's non-canon)

Wolverine Origins #21 - 25

In Wolverine Origins #21 - 25, Deadpool is sent by a mysterious man to track down and kill Wolverine once and for all. Of course he decides to do this by dropping a piano on him.

They battle throughout Chinatown in San Francisco and after a long and exhausting fight Deadpool manages to overcome Wolverine and tie him up in a warehouse. But when all is said and done it turns out that the whole thing was a scheme concocted by Wolverine himself and he walks out, leaving Deadpool a broken man upon the floor.

Winner: Wolverine

In the end, Wolverine's parting shot to Deadpool at the conclusion of Wolverine Origins #25 is possibly the best way to summarize the relationship between the two:

"An' maybe you could'a taken me out, maybe not. I don't give a damn an' neither should you."

We know Wolverine, but it's fun to speculate anyway. And we also remember that you did get beaten by Spock that one time...

Who would YOU bet on and why? Tell us in the comments below!


Who would win in a fight between Deadpool and Wolverine?


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