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Since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series captured the imagination of kids and adults alike when it first premiered back in 1993, there's been a fair host of spin-off shows to come out of the franchise. But it's the original series, as adapted from the Japanese Super Sentai, that captured the hearts of children of the 90s and cemented it as an enduring cult show even now.

It's been 20 years since the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (feel old yet?) and news on the upcoming Power Rangers reboot movie has started coming in as the original five Rangers have now all been cast. (Sadly there's no news yet on whether or not we can expect an appearance from the legendary sixth Ranger Tommy Oliver - the original Green and White Ranger.)

Before casting had even begun it had been reported that the actors chosen to portray the Power Rangers team would be relative unknowns in the industry, keeping in line with the tendency to introduce new talent as the Rangers in each new series.

And now we have the full list of the actors and actresses who will portray the five original "teenagers with attitude"...

Naomi Scott is Kimberly Hart: The Pink Ranger

Best known for her co-starring role in Terra Nova, the 22-year old Naomi Scott recently appeared in Ridley Scott's critically acclaimed The Martian alongside Matt Damon. In addition to her acting career Scott has also taken a foray into professional singing after a childhood spent in choirs, and last year released her debut EP Invisible Division.

The English actress is set to portray the Pink Ranger, the sarcastic but kind hearted valley girl Kimberly Hart. Kimberly was played by Amy Jo Johnson during the original series.

Becky G is Trini Kwan: The Yellow Ranger

Though she's taken on a fair few acting roles by now 18-year old Rebbeca Marie Gomez is better known as Becky G: an American singer, songwriter and rapper.

Another actress with some serious pipes, Becky G will portray the quick witted martial artist Trini Kwan - the Yellow Ranger. Trini was originally portrayed by Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang, who sadly died in a car crash back in 2001 at 27 years old.

RJ Cyler is Billy Cranston: The Blue Ranger

Another Ranger better known by his stage name, 20-year old American actor Ronald Cyler II (RJ Cyler) recently co-starred in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl alongside Jon Bernthal and Nick Offerman.

Cyler will portray the long serving brainy Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, the only original Ranger to see out the entire Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series. He was played by David Yost in the original series.

Ludi Lin is Zack Taylor: The Black Ranger

The Chinese/Canadian Ludi Lin is relatively unknown in the West but he's appeared in Monster Hunt, the highest grossing Chinese film of all time in China and an episode of Marco Polo. He packs a fairly impressive set of skills too with multiple languages, martial arts, gymnastics and dance under his belt.

The oldest of the lot at 28 years, Lin will be playing the charismatic athlete Zachary (Zack) Taylor, the Black Ranger, who was originally portrayed by Walter Emanuel Jones.

Dacre Montgomery is Jason Lee Scott: The Red Ranger

Oddly enough the leader of the group is set to be portrayed by the biggest unknown of all: Australian actor Dacre Montgomery. Thus far the 21-year old has appeared in an unaired pilot, a short film and is currently working on comedy movie A Few Less Men.

Montgomery will play Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger and de facto leader of the group. A kind hearted and friendly martial artist, Jason was originally portrayed by EMT and firefighter Austin St. John.

The Power Rangers reboot is expected to land January 13th, 2017.

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