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(Warning: if you aren't yet all caught up with Supergirl - the most recent episode discussed below is 'Human For A Day' - then the following contains at least one major plot SPOILER. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, giant plot twists come in a whole lot of shapes and sizes, from the highly telegraphed all the way through to the completely incomprehensible. Sometimes, though, they arrive perfectly balanced – managing to be completely surprising, while still making perfect sense in context.

Striking that balance, though, can be incredibly challenging – making it all the more impressive that last night's big reveal in Supergirl came off as immaculately as it did. Especially since (and this is where those SPOILERS kick in...)

We Just Found Out That Hank Henshaw Is... Martian Manhunter?

Yup, that's right. Hank Henshaw, as played by David Harewood, was just revealed to be J'onn 'Martian Manhunter' J'onzz, a Justice League stalwart and a fan favorite comic book hero. Or, rather, he was revealed to be secretly impersonating him, in a typically Greg Berlanti-style villain identity switcheroo.

What's more, he arrived complete with a surprisingly comic book faithful costume, one which – though it adds a fair amount of body armor – retains all of the key design features of J'onn's traditional comic book garb.

What may be even more intriguing, though, is that fact that...

David Harewood Didn't Know He Was Playing Martian Manhunter When He Took the Job

As he recently revealed to EW:

"I had no idea. After the pilot was picked up, my manager told me that they were changing my character. That’s as much as they’d tell me. I was intrigued by that. I didn’t quite know what that meant. When I came to shoot the series, they still didn’t tell me. I did the whole of Comic-Con just lying through my teeth. I didn’t know what I was talking about. They told me about a week after Comic-Con. They presented me with a little Martian Manhunter doll and several comic books of Martian Manhunter. I went home and devoured them. I thought they were just fantastic. I was delighted."

Which, as it turns out, came as a pretty big relief to the actor, since he wasn't a huge fan of the original characterization:

"I must say, I was struggling with Hank Henshaw. I didn’t particularly enjoy the pilot. For me, it was a lot of exposition. I just couldn’t find an angle that was interesting with Hank Henshaw. He was all, “I don’t like aliens, I don’t like Kara.” It was all a bit too one-dimensional to me. So I was delighted that they gave me this guy to play. He’s just so fantastical and it’s such a wonderful backstory and history. It just gave me so much more to play."

All of which, you get the sense, bodes well for a pretty darned epic second half to Supergirl's debut season. More superheroes are, after all, usually a good thing. Just ask the Justice League...

What do you think, though?

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