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J.K. Rowling has forged an entire empire for herself by sorting the muggles from the masters in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, a talent which seems to lend itself quite perfectly when it comes to analyzing the current political situation.

And, as delving into the realm of politics can be overwhelming and confusing at the best of times, it's handy to have a general badass like Rowling on board to sum those conflicting thoughts up in one swift statement.

Like so:

The above tweet is in response to Trump's latest highly controversial speech, a reaction to the latest terror attacks that called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” In other words, any tourist, business visitor, immigrant and Muslim-American born in America but currently outside the country, should not be allowed to enter the States.

While to some it's seemingly amusing to have a public figure who pokes fun at 'hormonal' women and can be easily turned into a few cat memes, it's more than a little worrying that someone with such extreme views is legitimately the strongest Republican presidential candidate in the running.

Probably because he's exactly that: a public figure. Which is why Voldemort is the perfect comparison, as not only is he soulless, elitist and inherently fascist, but perhaps if the media stops saying his name all the time he'll just go away?

Rowling's tweet amassed around 4,000 retweets in the first 10 minutes after it was sent, with countless shout-outs of approval in response. Here are some of the best:

Now our mission is: destroy Trump's Horcruxes. The first one is probably his red hat – any thoughts on the rest?


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