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I don't habitually advocate the use of cheats when playing games, especially when playing one of the greatest games ever made, but sometimes it's necessary to play a little dirty.

Final Fantasy VII was undoubtably a masterpiece in its day, but players returning to this classic on their PS4s may well become quickly frustrated with its archaic eccentricities. Namely, the inability to speed up a battle sequence (especially when fights become little more than grinding chores), and the constant barrage of random enemy encounters.

Not quite as thrilling in-game.
Not quite as thrilling in-game.

I'm glad Sony hasn't seen fit to remain steadfastly precious about preserving FFVII in the exact state it was released, instead choosing to include some sanity-saving features sure to alleviate these minor nuisances. The two handy button presses you need are below:

L3 - Speeds up time x3

L3+R3 - Turns off random encounters

Check out the 'cheats' in action here:

There's also a third 'cheat' which borders on game-breaking: hitting R3 heals everyone in your party and gives them infinite limit breaks. That's taking it a little too far but the first two, in my opinion, are well worth making good use of.

These time-saving features were originally included in the iOS version of FFVII, which came out earlier this year. Starting last Saturday, you now can download the game on your PS4 – $16 normally, but it's on sale between now and December 13 for just $10.


Does this really count as cheating?

[Via: Kotaku]


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