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Bats are one of the most fascinating animals in the animal kingdom. Despite being quite small creatures, they can be frightening and ferocious at the same time. Bats are also usually used to represent the Batman, one of the most popular superheroes in existence.

A few months ago, Ben Affleck, who is going to appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as our new Batman, started campaigning to spread awareness and saving Bats. You can check out the video below:

This campaign was also supported by BvS co-star Amy Adams and director Zack Snyder. However recently, the movement has gained probably the most unexpected supporter (you guessed it) - Henry Cavill, who will also reprise his role as Superman in BvS.

Cavill recently visited the Durrell Wildlife Park on the island of Jersey, located in the English Channel. There, he adopted a type of bat known as the Fruit Bat, also known as a Megabat. Funnily enough, he dedicated it to his upcoming film and named him (you guessed it again)... Ben. You can watch him interact with Ben below:

If you would like to contribute to this mission, you can visit his website Cavillconservation and support the cause! Despite what might appear on screen, it looks like the cast share a deep bond with each other. Keep an eye out for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, hitting theatres March 23, 2016.

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