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We all remember the original Fallout, some may not, but all fallout veterans and most gamers do, fallout was not always a third person\first person game, it began as a top down RPG, so do some of you fallout 4 players miss that good old isometric view? After all thats where it all started.

The good old days
The good old days

With a mod created by reddit user yttriumtyclief, now you can relive the good old days of fallout. The modder has played with the camera options for the game, and created a classis top down RPG view identical to the one in the first fallout games! Check out some of the screenshots below and see for yourself.

You are now able to play fallout 4 from top down perspective just like the good old original game!

Is it me or does it look even better top down
Is it me or does it look even better top down

Just like the good old days!

Is it me or does it look even better top down?

You have to admit that the talented reddit user has done a great job!

I can't wait to get my hands on this mod!

As if Fallout wasn't addictive enough already!

And last but not least:

Unfortunately, the mod is yet to be released, but the creator working out all the kinks before it's release. As always don't forget to follow me for all things gaming and be sure to comment, you can also find me on Facebook!


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