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Netflix is set to double the amount of original programming it produces in 2016, according to the sites head of content Ted Sarandos.

Sarandos spoke at the UBS Media Conference in New York on December 7th, and highlighted the sites plans for the next year.

He proposed that the popular streaming site is set to almost double its original scripted shows from the 16 they produced in 2015 to 31 in 2016, almost doubling the output.

Netflix has changed how we view television shows, having produced some of the most respected and loved shows in the last five years. With the likes of great programmes such as 'Orange is the New Black' and 'House of Cards' that have proved to be huge hits among fans and critics alike, and also winning numerous awards along the way. Netlfix has set the trend for streaming shows online, and others are playing catchup.

There's also exciting news for fans of their older productions, as shows such as 'Daredevil' and 'Better Call Saul', two of the finest produced shows of 2015, have been recommissioned and are set to return in the New Year.

Branching out from just producing some of the finest television shows in recent history, Netflix will also be making the leap to feature length films. They are currently working on 10 new titles, and already have some of the biggest stars on the planet signed up, including Adam Sandler.

There's also great news for comic fans, who will be pleased to hear that they are continuing to develop Marvel shows with the likes of 'Luke Cage', which is set to debut in 2016 and soon to follow 'Iron Fist', after their huge success with previous outings 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones'.

Netlfix was already addictive, but with the latest news dropping it looks like many of us will be spending sleepless nights staying up to watch their new shows, and long may it continue.


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