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If you go digging into the files of Bethesda's Fallout 4, you're bound to uncover some pretty cool stuff. Like this harpoon gun which was cut from the game!

I want dis.
I want dis.

But when players aren't uncovering new weapons to destroy their enemies with, they're discovering cut audio files and alternate endings. Brought to us by tentacle-explosion on tumblr, the following information was pulled from Bethesda's proverbial trashcan and is obviously laden with spoilers.

Thou hast been warned, traveller. An ungodly amount of spoilers lie yonder.

'Fallout 4' Cut Ending - Spoilers Ahead!

Yes, please do.
Yes, please do.

As you're probably aware, there are various factions in Fallout 4 that you can side with. You can provide support for them and eventually lead an attack on the other rivaling factions. Thus, there are varying endings that you can have with this game. However, this particular ending only reveals information about the Brotherhood of Steel path.

Paladin Danse, You Will Be Avenged

Paladin Danse - aka, George Clooney
Paladin Danse - aka, George Clooney

In this quest line, you'll uncover that the man above - the wonderful Paladin Danse - is in fact a synth. He was one of the most loyal agents in the Brotherhood, but once his true identity is uncovered, his brothers in arms attempt to hunt him down and exterminate him. The leader of the Brotherhood, Arthur Maxson, gives you the task of putting an end to his life and you eventually find out where he's hiding.

You are then given a choice: execute Danse, or exile him. But if you choose to spare him - which you have to do, because it's Danse - he'll be allowed to live out his life, but away from the sight of the Brotherhood. He's understandably crushed, and we don't like to see Paladin Danse sad.

That's why we like this ending.

That's what I like to hear.
That's what I like to hear.

The uncovered audio files detail a new option for players to take. You have a conversation with Danse, in which he suggests you kill Maxson and take his position as commander of the Brotherhood of Steel. If you manage to complete this mission, you can then become their leader and persuade the brothers to accept Paladin Danse back into their once-loving arms. Here's a transcript of the conversation:

  • “If you’re referring to Maxson, you’re right. He’s still going to be a problem. But I might have a way out.”
  • “I hope that’s enough to convince you to take your place as Elder of the Brotherhood.”
  • “The Litany is clear. We have a new Elder.”
  • “I want to make one thing clear to everyone. This body might be synth, but my heart and mind belong to the Brotherhood. The Institute is still a tremendous threat to the Commonwealth. They possess technologies that need to be confiscated or destroyed. And even if that means I have to pull the trigger on my own kind, I’m willing to make that sacrifice.”
  • “Just prepare yourself. I don’t know what Maxson* will have in store when we arrive.”
  • “When Haylen warned me about Quinlan’s discovery, she begged me to confront Maxson. She told me that there were Brotherhood soldiers that still believed in me, that would stand behind me if I challenged his authority. At the time, I told her that it wouldn’t be right to cause a rift in our ranks. We’re on the brink of war with the Institute, and weakening our unity felt like I’d be… Backstabbing my own troops. But knowing that you’re still with me… Maybe that will be enough to convince Maxson that he’s making a mistake. I’ll come back to the Prydwen with you, and we’ll confront Maxson together.”
  • “As a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, I’m issuing a formal challenge against your authority as Elder. We’ll settle this matter as it was written in the Litany: In combat. Then you leave me no choice.” (This one seems like it was meant to be split and mixed with Maxson’s responses.)
  • “Right now, I’m not sure we can even get near Maxson before the Brotherhood would cut us down. But we have to try. I’ve known Maxson for a long time, and under all that protocol is a decent man.”
  • “Be ready for anything. Maxson’s going to be furious when he sees me.”

This Should Have Been An Option

While I can understand that certain players may prefer the original Brotherhood of Steel ending, I would have loved to see Bethesda at least include the option to take down Maxson. I'd have done anything for Danse. ANYTHING, GOD DAMN IT!

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