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In Chapter 6 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, a lot of interesting details and hints about the upcoming Champa saga have been given. The Manga currently is quite ahead of the TV series as it for obvious reasons skipped the resurrection F saga.

U6 vs U7 tournament, The Mystery Fighter of U6 and the 2 soon to be declared saiyans of universe 7 are things that the fans are eagerly waiting to find out on the chapter 7 of the dragon ball super manga. In-fact, I think this is the first time Dragon Ball Super got the fans so excited!

Long ago Beerus and Champa had a fight over a puff puff fruit resulting in immense destruction. Since then they are having food showdowns. This time Champa proposes things to be settled by a fight.

Champa: “This time, we’ve got to settle things with a fight! Well, how about it?!”

To which Beerus replies positively. Basically, there will be 5 men U6 vs U7 tournament. If U7 wins they will get the 6 superballs that champa has in his possession (Planet sized superior version of Dragon Ball). However, If U6 wins, the earth’s of the two universes gets interchanged. Goku thinks there will be no impact on earth it will just get interchanged. So he happily agrees to take part. But, when asked Beerus if there will be any impact on earth in a way he ignored the question; which seems mysterious to me. I fear that the earth will be on stake to make the tournament more serious.

Goku: “But thinking’ about, even if we lose, the Earth will just be moved to some different universe. It really won’t make much of a difference.”
Beerus: “What?! If you guys half-ass this, I’ll destroy you!!!”

The rules ended up being the same as the Tenkaichi Budokai:

contestants lose if they surrender or fall from the arena, killing is against the rules, weapons and performance-enhancing drugs are prohibited, and (per Vegeta’s suggestion) a simple written test will be conducted ahead of time

From Universe 7 the 5 fighters will be- Goku,Vegeta,Picollo,Buu and a Mystery Fighter.

Who will be the mystery fighter?

Well, according to Beerus-

1. He is stronger than Goku.

2. Beerus faced him long time ago. (Assuming it since Beerus don’t remember who it was)

Goku: “No way! He does nothin’ but study all the time. He can’t even find his dougi anymore!”
Vegeta: “A pity. Well then, what should we do?”
Whis: “……”Beerus: “Don’t worry, I’ve already decided on the last person.”
Goku: “Huh? Who? Whaddaya mean you’ve already decided?”
Beerus: “I told you once before, right? That in all my many years of fighting, you were my second strongest opponent.” (Note that it’s not Whis.As Whis or Beerus can’t participate.)

So, it’s very likely that the mystery fighter will be a character we haven’t seen before. I would say 90% chance is in the favor of a new character. So, these assumptions I am making are not meant to be taken seriously.

So, who could it be if it has to be among the know characters?

1. Future Trunks: Future Trunks is one major Dragon Ball Z character whose progress is unknown to us. Trunks last appeared in the Cell Saga and left after completing his mission in the main timeline we know of. In the screen time he got in the main timeline he killed Frieza,King Cold,Android 14 and Goku.

He then goes back to his own timeline. And easily destroys Android 17 and Android 18. Later, kills imperfect Cell. However, Future Trunks is not featured later on in any of Dragon Ball episodes or movies so we are not sure where he stands right now. Even if all other fighters in his timeline came back he shall still be ahead of them. Maybe he somehow encountered Beerus by time traveling or something I don’t know. So, can it be trunks? The chances are low still for the sake of assumption I included him.

2. Master Roshi: Master Roshi’s character is appearing to be mysterious very recently. While he remained as a comedic character throughout the Z series, he takes part in the battle against Freeza’s soldier. In Resurrection F and also in the super series; Where he looks absolutely badass and took out Freeza’s soldiers quite easily. And still it didn’t look like he was using 100% of his powers. Could it be The Master?

* Read why I think Master Roshi is hiding his powers-

3. Broly: Akira Toriyama can take the opportunity to make this super villain a canon. I don’t know how the plot will go in that case. But,somehow Broly comes back that’s all.

4. Pikkon: Pikkon is the strongest fighter from the otherworld. . In Hell, Pikkon easily defeats Frieza, King Cold, and Perfect Cell, impaling them on a huge ball of spikes and putting all of them into a spirit prison. Pikkon once fought against Goku in a tournament and both of them were disqualified for touching the roof. We didn’t see much of him later on. However, Pikkon mentioned that he will keep training to defeat Goku someday.

I observed that many people think the mystery fighter will be Gohan or Gotenks. But, I don’t see how it can be. As none of them matches the 2 hints Beerus gave about the fighter. The only way Gohan could enter the tournament is if Buu fails the writing test or piss of Beerus. And personally I don’t want to see Gotenks in the tournament. I would rather prefer Tien or Krillen or even Yamcha. Gotenks fighting style just isn’t required here.

Besides,the fans are also curious to find out who will be the 2 saiyans from universe 6!


Who Do You Think Will Be The Mystery Fighter?

Well, let’s just hope that we will get all the answers on chapter 7.


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