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About a week ago, I was sitting in my room & soon started to drift asleep . I was really comfortable . I began to snuggle in a cozy position . I felt my hand tense up & get numb. My whole body started to feel this way . Eager to know was happening . I nudged my body, but soon found I was paralyzed . I felt a skeleton creep beside me & grab me around my waist . I felt it grind on me in a sexual way . I tried to get away, but the unidentifiable creature grabbed my face and started to rub in my eye sockets . It hurt really bad. I tryed to move, and scream but I was paralyzed. Everytime I wanted to get away , there would be pressure. I felt my eyes "melt" and felt the unwanted guest stick is sharp pointy hand into my eye sockets. I felt instant terror . I just layed there a took it .

Soon after it stopped, my souls felt like it arose & was getting sucked up . It was stretching me and was not hesitant to get me . I started praying . Out of nowhere a black horned monster, one that slightly resembles the devil, stood over me with heavy firey eyes and a long black horrific looking tail . It seem to have been angry. I began to pray harder and harder. The monster moved in... In spite on anxiety, I stopped praying. Everything bad thing came back! I soon woke up from this lucid dream & started reading Genisis 6.


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