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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

YouTube makeup blogger SammyLovesFossas has surpassed her usual fare of transformative facial designs with a totally badass Grand Theft Auto inspired makeover, turning herself into an unhinged sociopath in 3 minutes dead.

GTA V's Trevor is one bad dude, curb stomping a guy's face into polygonal mush during the very first scene we meet him. And it only gets worse from there. SammyLovesFossas has managed to capture his unsettling look with a sort of cell-shaded style, as if Trevor somehow crossed video game dimensions and ended up in the Borderlands universe. Check out the terrific make-up metamorphosis below:

Pretty nifty huh? Here's a timelapse of the painstaking process...

Laying the foundations

It starts to get hairy

Touching up the 'brows

Inking up

[Source: YouTube]


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