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We'll soon have to say goodbye to Gravity Falls: Disney's hugely successful show will be ending after just 2 seasons. This has left many fans disappointed, but not hugely surprised, as the plot for the entire show has built towards the grand finale, the intensely surreal 'Weirdmageddon'.

This plot, which sees villain Bill Cipher finally succeed in taking over the town of Gravity Falls (if not the world), is a "giant, epic, multi-part story" which is spread over several episodes. With plenty of plot threads to wrap up and relationship conflicts to resolve, the final episode has a lot of story to deal with, and it's difficult to guess how all this will end. But we've had a few plot hints recently that might just give us an idea...

Which Pines Will Die?

Get your tissues ready: we might be saying goodbye to a member of the Pines family. Alex Hirsch hinted on his Twitter months ago that a major character would die before the end of Gravity Falls Season 2...

And the code from the end of S02E18 heavily implies that this major character death may actually be one of the Pines family!

S02E18 title card
S02E18 title card

So which of the Pines will die? It's unlikely that Dipper or Mabel would die - as the protagonists of the story, and children, it would be very dark to kill them off. The Grunkles however, are another matter.

Stanford was removed from the action fairly early on, and as the author of the (now destroyed) journals, it's easy to see why. Ford is just too clever for this story: if he were part of the action this early on, that would take all the energy out of Dipper's mission and crucially, Ford would have prevented the much needed team up with Mabel. Of course, it's likely that Ford will come back within the next few episodes, as he knows Bill's vital weakness, and there's that "to the ends of the Earth" hint that needs to be revealed. So when Ford returns, will his battle with Bill cost him his life?

Bill traps Ford
Bill traps Ford

Considering Ford was only introduced in the latter half of Season 2, he might be the perfect candidate to kill off, as his death would pack a punch but wouldn't be too heartbreaking. On the other hand though, there are plenty of hints that Stan will be the one to die...

Grunkle Stan is definitely at the top of the list for People Who Are Probably Going To Die. Most fans have picked up on the ton of foreshadowing Alex Hirsch has heaped on us about Stan's death: every effigy of Stan has been destroyed, usually in a fire, leading many fans to theorize that one day he would meet the same sticky end. And one of the latest Gravity Falls shorts definitely hints that Bill Cipher has some dastardly plans for Stan Pines...

Bill Wants Stan's Soul?

Gravity Falls YouTube channel has also been releasing a series of shorts based on the Mystery Shack's going out of business sale. Featuring a live action felt Stan Pines, the shorts are pretty hilarious and well worth checking out. And they also contain some pretty crucial plot hints, especially in this episode...

Obviously, the "Nacho Necklace" is some weird Bill Cipher talisman, but considering Stan still doesn't know who Bill is (apparently), he mistakes it for a simple nacho, albeit one with "Egyptian-y top hat-y craftsmanship". Bill himself then calls in to the show, dropping some significant plot hints in the process!

"How about you keep the necklace, and I take YOUR SOUL?!"

Despite the fact that Stan and Bill have never so much as exchanged words in the show, fans have been theorizing about their connection for a long time.

The similarities between the two are really starting to stack up, but on a very basic level they mirror each other - they're both wheeler dealers with a snappy dress sense (bow ties and kooky hats) and a very similar way of talking. Put this together with the hints about Stan's death, and it looks like Bill's plans for Grunkle Stan might just mean his demise!

Bill Cipher has turned his eye on every member of the Pines family during 'Weirdmageddon', turning Ford to stone, burning the journals in front of Dipper, and of course imprisoning Mabel. The last episode revealed Grunkle Stan to be providing a refuge for the minor characters of Gravity Falls, which means he'll probably help lead the charge against Bill in the finale. And it certainly seems this apocalypse team are ready to take back the town! Check out this teaser...

It looks like the finale will be a grand battle to reclaim Gravity Falls, and the stakes have never been higher. Will all members of the Pines family make it out alive? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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