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Viewed in 134 counties, this Japanese dare-like, slumber-party game of "Hitori Kakurnebo" or "One Man Hide-n-Seek" spawned the idea for the award winning short film, Playing with the Devil. The crew believed in this ritual so much that they purposefully skipped one step as to not invoke a spirit into Mr. Bixby, the film's inanimate star. The narrative leaves audiences questioning this very issue of belief or disbelief and if they could find the bravery to play this game to the very end. The rules are simple:

1. Play till the end
2. Do not leave the house
3. Never look behind you
4. Use salt water for protection

The film's creatives, actresses and location masterfully set the scene for a highly tensioned thrill ride that unfolds in a matter of minutes. Enough so, that the masterminds at Crypt TV (Eli Roth's Social Site) chimed in:

"Great tension building in this film. It was hard to watch, in a good way."

You be the judge! Check out the movie below!

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