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Vitmor Gomes

Brad Pitt

Yes, himself. He was charged with indecent exposure in 1988 after he mooned drivers on the Pacific Coast Highway in California. You can only wish you were there.

Jayne Mansfield

While working at a Vermont nightclub in 1963, she was arrested for indecent exposure.

George Michael

The pop star was charged with engaging in lewd acts after an undercover cop followed him into a Beverly Hills park public bathroom in 1998.

Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day singer was arrested for indecent exposure in 1996 (while he was doing that i was being born ahah) after dropping his pants during a performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mae West

In 1927, Mae West was arrested by the NYPD for indecent public performance. The entire cast of her popular comedy play Sex were also booked during the same raid.

Ty Herndon

In 1995, country music star Ty Herndon was arrested for indecent exposure and possession of methamphetamines after allegedly exposing himself to an undercover officer in Fort Worth, Texas.


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