ByAidan Murray, writer at

Boba Fett was a minor character in The Empire Strikes back that had large impact and was very important in the outcome of the movie even without much screen time. The Boba Fett character has become one of the most recognizable and quotable characters in the entire saga, his "death" in Return of The Jedi was a massive disappointment until the EU had him alive, he appeared in the prequels and the Aftermath book shows he is still alive so if he isn't in an episode 7 trailer i am not going to see it. I am looking at you Disney, don't let him stay dead, he's no good to me dead. It should be noted that taking the mandalorian armor and putting it on someone else would be even worse that keeping him dead, we love the man, not the mask. Bobas strict personal code and special morals and pure skill are why we love him, and remember, no disintegration. The Boba Fett character would be pretty old by this time but a story line on him finding a way to download his personality into a special droid would keep him in good shape to not be just an old man. The whole Boba Fett robot would require more than Boba so he could maybe get help from another character, this story wouldn't be in episode 7 but rather a separate Boba Fett stand alone movie showing how this happened, with all the si-fi I think this could be done, and just imagine it, Han Solo sees Boba and he is just dumbfounded then Boba takes off the helmet and you see his robot face, it would be great. Come on Disney let this happen.


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