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In this episode, the gang eats some breakfast. But of course things go bad from their.

The episode starts with Ruby (played by Lucy Lawless) and Amanda Fisher (played by Jill Marie Jones) right behind our gang of Ghost Beaters. The two arrive at Brujo's house looking for Ash. Fisher sees the three already on the road and the Deadite possessed burnt corpse of Brujo attacks.

Ruby fights back, and as they fight, the Deadite talks about how she betrayed them and how she wants the book for herself. The Deadite then pulls her into the fire and they both disappear. Fisher takes Ruby's car and goes after Ash.

Meanwhile, Ash (Bruce Campbell), Pablo (Rey Santiago), and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) go to a diner and eat some breakfast. Ash is nervous because he knows that he has to return to the cabin. We then get a really great scene between the three with Ash not wanting the two to join him knowing they might get possessed and die. Of course Pablo and Kelly say screw that and that they want to help. As they get ready to leave, Ash forgets that he offered to pay for the meal (multiple times) and tries to make a deal with the waitress with sex. It doesn't go too well. But that's when Fisher makes her move and she has a fight with Ash in the men's restroom.

And then the Deadites attack the diner killing and possessing most of occupants that aren't main characters. A bloody badass fight ensues, and Fisher begins to understand that Ash isn't bad and kills the killers. She joins the group, and they head off.

This is another great episode. We get some more hints at what Ruby's true intentions are and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her. Fisher finally understands who Ash is and what he really does. It's also gonna be interesting seeing how Fisher acts with the gang, and it was funny seeing that Ash is fantasizing about her. We see that the Necronomicon reacts to Pablo's uncle's necklace and Pablo and Kelly talk about his feelings for her. What was really great was that Kelly doesn't want the Necronomicon to be stopped and she wants to kill more Deadites. Speaking of, she has one hell of a kill this episode involving a meat slicer and a mallet.

I give this episode 10 out of 10 chainsaws!


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