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Well, you read the title.

This year, Pixar has released two films for the first time since they began. First, they released Inside Out, and then they released The Good Dinosaur. When I first saw the trailer for The Good Dinosaur, I was just mind-blown. It looked like such a tearjerker and it appeared to be the best Pixar film to date. And it was released on November 25.

But for some reason, it's not doing well in box office sales.

Earlier in the year, they released Inside Out, a film about the little voices inside your head. By its second weekend in theaters, the film had made $185 million with a production budget of $175 million. However, The Good Dinosaur has only made about $131.3 million and it was released two weeks ago.

Even Cars 2 finished with $559 million. And you know how a lot of people feel about Cars 2.

Personally, I hope to see this movie ASAP. I don't really care what people say about it. For example, I loved Monsters University and that got about the same ratings as this.


Have you seen The Good Dinosaur yet and do you like it?


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