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independant self-taught artist/sfx makeup artist. currently trying tobthrow some of my ideas out there, search for feedback and show off wha

My name is Catt Fleming and I'm a 19-year-old self-taught Artist/SFX Makeup Artist from Fife,Scotland.

I hope you like what I have put together!

everyone knows Deadpool...right? well this was one of my first big projects that I chose to tackle, purely in body paints. I love the comic style to Deadpool and he is hands down my favourite. this piece is face and torso. I cannot wait to try out some more well known characters ( why not leave me some suggestions if there are any you would really like to see)

This makeup had me monkeying around a little and was inspired by my 6 week stay in a monkey rehabilitation centre in South Africa over my summer.(

I created this look using prosthetic pieces much like the once used in Planet of the Apes and I think my finished look is similar. I had great fun with this one and I think the ears are brilliant!

Simple but fun Halloween fangs! did I mention that Halloween is my favourite time of the year?

this is some Mermaid inspired makeup I did on a friend not long ago.. tail and all ! I'm telling you its not easy trying to glue shells to a person haha

was great fun to create this quick character and I plan to improve this one in future.

Heres something a little nauseating. quick infected flesh wound done a couple of years back. I created this without any use of the tools I have now, simply with some tissue, cotton and makeup you would find in anyones day-to-day kit!

My get up for Halloween. Jason is my number 1 movie killer I must say. and I had a great time dressing up as him and this really wasn't hard to do. *for easy circles that were all the same size I just used a cue-tip*

This one I cannot take much credit for as it is my own remake of work I found online. I still had amazing fun doing it and it did take a while, I thought the idea of it was brilliant and I am sorry that I cannot remember the name of the artist to credit them.. just facepaints!

This last piece was just my simple expression of all that is going on in the world.

and I really enjoyed wearing it! I created this piece rather late at night and it was then that I discovered my creativity is at its best.

If you liked what you have seen so far of my work, feel free to leave any comments! and please take your time to visit and 'Like' my Facebook page

Where you can check out more of my work and see more of what I get up to including some drawings and paintings of mine.



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