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Donal Logue has quietly appeared on shows like Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, ER, and Grounded for Life, as well as movies like Gettysburg, Max Payne, Zodiac, Jerry Maguire, The Thin Red Line, and many others which we're going to get into since 1992. First things first, let's get to know the man behind the characters.

Donal Logue was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Irish parents. His father, Michael J. Logue and mother Elizabeth met in Africa while there as missionaries. Donal Logue has three sisters: Karina, an actress; twin sister Deirdre, and Eileen, an education consultant. His father is the president of Aisling Industries, which makes microchips for cellphone companies. In the early years the family lived in England but then relocated to El Centro, California, where he attended Central Union High School. While in Central, Donal became the California State Champion in Impromptu Speaking and in 1983 was elected President of the American Legion Boys Nation. After graduating high school, Logue studied History at Harvard University where he was a member of the Signet Society.

FUN FACT: Donal has duel citizenship in Canada and Ireland.

Playing Harvey Bullock on FOX's Gotham isn't Donal Logue's first foray into Comic Book universes. He played Quinn in the first BLADE movie. Remember the vampire that was burned to a crisp in the opening fight, and always had a limb cut off by Blade (Wesley Snipes)? He also Mack in GHOST RIDER starring Nicolas Cage, as Johnny Blaze's trusty stunt engineer.

He had a 91 episode run as Sean Finnerty in the family sitcom Grounded For Life. The show originally aired on FOX, but then moved to the WB after two seasons. Fans of the show VIKINGS will remember Donal as the mighty King Horik, the bloodthirsty viking lord who killed his rival and met his death at the hands of Ragnar after trying to sway his friends to betray him.He also played Lee Toric in Sons of Anarchy, and still has a recurring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Declan Murphy.

When he's not going up against Gotham's worst, the Harvard alum spends his time raising two sons, playing amatuer soccer for the Hollywood United, and running trucking and hardwood businesses. A fitting way to spend your free time after being a vampire, sports agent, stunt coordinator, detective, and well you get the point!

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