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is just your average hot Target employee. He has a gorgeous face, luscious blonde hair, and did we mention he can really pack away your products into a bag for you? He sounds like the perfect employee if you ask me.

Alex Lee became an Internet sensation back in 2014 after a sneaky customer posted a snap of him being all good looking and stuff while bagging goods at his job at Target (see the above photo for the original image). The Internet of course found him wildly attractive and his image went viral, spawning posts such as the following:

But Alex hasn't been sitting still, and most recently, he has gone from this:

To this:

Perhaps he's feeling inspired by Jared Leto's Joker look from Suicide Squad?

Regardless of the inspiration, he is looking fine as ever! Alex has since quit his job at Target and is now a Vine star. Just in case you haven't seen this yet:

Seems like life has gotten a lot scarier since he quit Target.

Target should definitely get him in one of their commercials:

Thanks for making us feel blue in the greatest way, Alex!

[Source: Cosmopolitan]


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