ByEric Derden, writer at
Eric Derden

(Spoilers) Now that Supergirl has hero back up does she need to enter the arrowverse? Answer of course. Why are CW and CBS complicating issues by making two different universes. The emergence of Martian Manhunter brings in the option of the white martian invasion which could lead to all DC heroes appear. Also Supergirl's weakness with magic is what could introduce Arrow. The same could be said with aliens in the Arrowverse. The heroes shouldn't be divided (Difficult to do since CW has the majority) nor should we have two different tv versions of the DC universe. I have an idea to bring Supergirl and Arrow together while bringing the Green Lantern Corps into the mix. Some argue that the two can't merge because Superman was never mentioned in Arrow or Flash. I think the two heroes were a little busy trying to save their cities to talk about a man who can fly.


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