ByGrace “elite56673” Walston, writer at

If you saw all of Ant-Man till the end then you should know what I'm talking about. At the 2nd post credit scene we saw Captain America, Falcon and Bucky.

Cap and Falcon were talking about the civil war starting. And ya know Falcon says "I know a guy" and it says "Ant-Man will return. Which he will return


Ok where it will start off from here: there's been rumors where the new avengers will be fighting somewhere. Kind of like how The Avenger Age of Ultron started off.

But there's a chance that it could start where the first scene of Captain America Civil War is. Because it just looks the same and why would you even put that scene if you weren't gonna start from there. Let's just hope that civil war starts off awesome!

Thanks for reading and make sure to watch Ant-Man on DVD today!


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