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Everybody freak the fuck out.

That's right. What? You ever play BioShock? FORGET IT. IT MEANS NOTHING. You like BioShock Infinite? IT'S CHILDSPLAY. Compared to System Shock, all the BioShock games are like a younger brother trying be like an older, wiser, more athletic sibling. "So there was, like, a System Shock 2?" Yes. You bet and it was F***ING AMAZING.

The powers that be at Otherside Entertainment will let us know what they have in store for us here at their countdown page:

For those of you that don't know, Otherside contains several members of the original Looking Glass Studios who developed System Shock 1, and 2 as well as the first two Thief games.

What could this mean? As of this writing it looks like we will know in T-Minus 4 days!


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