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Everybody loves Ellen - not just because she’s hilarious but because she seems like a genuinely kind person (her mantra is ‘Be kind to one another’ if it wasn’t obvious enough). She’s also super generous (especially around Christmas) and puts Oprah and her car-gifting tendencies on show, so an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show doesn’t feel complete without at least one incidence of gift-giving. But sometimes things don’t go as planned - or do they?

In the 64th episode of her 13th season, Ellen reads a letter from the mother of a young woman named Jamie Bells (who is sitting in the audience, barely able to contain her excitement).

"Yes, that's me."
"Yes, that's me."

Ellen tells the audience Jamie’s story: She’s an A-grade student paying for her college tuition entirely on her own and had previously donated blood every week for six months to earn the money she needed for a computer (every week seems a little far-fetched, right?). It’s really sweet and you all know where Ellen is going when she invites her down for a talk.

But just as she begins to tell Jamie about a generous offer from Shutterfly to help pay for her tuition, her producer Andy interrupts like an awkward wrecking ball out to shatter all hopes and dreams.

Andy 'Soul Crusher' Lassner
Andy 'Soul Crusher' Lassner

Cue a very awkward moment, which Ellen acknowledges, as Andy whispers in her ear to “just give her the computer.”

You’re left hoping that maybe it’s some kind of typical Ellen prank while you sit through a few moments of awkwardness as Jamie’s smile falters, Ellen corrects her mistake, and the two fumble over each other’s words as Ellen gives her a computer instead. To which Jamie replies:

But don't worry your uncomfortable little souls! Apparently this is fake and Ellen just enjoys making her viewers squirm before she bequeaths them with a multitude of gifts.

Behold in all of its awkward glory, a well-staged lesson about the importance of communication:


Do you think Jamie Bells should get more than a computer?


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