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As you may have noticed The Good Dinosaur and another Disney movie are extremely similar. If you haven't figured it out yet the movie that I'm alluding to is Disney's The Lion King. (Spoilers for The Good Dinasour). In the beginning of both movies the father dies from an "accident" by the child which causes the children to levr their home land. They end up meeting a happy go lucky character who knows his way around and helps the main characters grow up. They then start their journey back home. For Simba it was a more spiritual journey but for Arlo it was an actual journey. On their journey they both have a vision of their dead fathers who help them overcome their past and move on to take their spots in the world. When they return home the family (who thinks their children are dead) rejoice and there is an emotional moment where both of the characters do something thay they had been wanting to do for since the beginning of the movie. For Simba it was climbing pride rock and for Arlo it was putting his paw print on the sillo.

I'm not saying that the good dinasour was a bad movie (in fact I liked it) but I'm just saying that maybe Disney can be a little more original and stop ripping themselves off.


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