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Now we all know there are a ton of controversial movies out there, and that most of them are sexual exploitation films like Salò. They may even be considered extremely gory films such as, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So grab your torches and your pitchforks because this is personally the most controversial movie of all time.

Cannibal Holocaust

(Warning: the following review may contain: gore, repulsiveness, unethical practices, nudity and/or generic hard things to look at.)

Cannibal Holocaust has almost every element it needs to be unethical, gut wrenching and controversial, such as:

  • Very brutal scenes that almost look too real, and mind you this was back in 1980. People got torn limb from limb and eaten in many scenes. In fact, the director was arrested on murder charges because they believed he actually killed some of his actors (which he didn't). The lady on the pole below was actually sitting on a bicycle seat with some balsa wood sticking out of her mouth.

  • A group rape scene where literally 15 guys are raping one girl. Having this on the screen and being uncensored added fuel to the already burning hot fire. Women were outraged, and people in general thought this scene was pretty screwed up.
  • Also, having a scene where a lady is getting a forced abortion by cutting the baby out of the woman's stomach. Which was done by using a sharp looking ceremonial knife.
Made it smaller so it's not as awful to look at.
Made it smaller so it's not as awful to look at.
  • The slaughtering of wild animals in gruesome scenes. People actually believed he really injured the animals, but the director begged to differ. Unfortunately seven animals were actually slain in spite of what the director had said. There was a coatimundi (mistaken as a muskrat in the film), killed with a knife. A large turtle, decapitated and its limbs, shell, and entrails removed. A tarantula, killed with a machete. A snake (boa constrictor), killed with a machete. Two squirrel monkeys, decapitated with a machete, and a pig, shot in the head with a shotgun at close range.
  • Lastly would be the underlying message of the film. Cannibal Holocaust is not merely focused on the societal taboo of flesh eating. The greater theme of the film is the difference between the civilized and the uncivilized.The most disturbing aspect of the film is what it's saying about modern society. "The rape of the natural world by the unnatural; the exploitation of 'primitive' cultures for western entertainment."
Putting this instead of that scene from the movie.
Putting this instead of that scene from the movie.

In conclusion, I personally believe that Cannibal Holocaust is the most controversial movie of all time. Given it's use of: violence, rape, nudity, abortion, and exploitation. Do you agree with my nomination, or do you think you know the most controversial movie out there? Feel free to share!

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