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A while ago I wrote a blog regarding this and had some pretty good ideas as to who may be in the grave. Then last night I had another theory (apologies if someone has already wrote about it but I haven't seen one yet).

I read in an interview with Stephen Amell that he has said that he doesn't know who is in the grave, only that he knows it's someone important to him.

Now previoisly I thought that it may be Thea or Captain Lance but now I think it's....drum roll please.

Samantha Clayton, the mother of his son!! Whaaaat!

So here's why I think it's her. If the writers on Arrow Season 4 are looking for a way to give Oliver a reason to want to kill someone again, because remember he said in the pilot that he was going to kill the person that had done this, how bad will Oliver feel if because he came back into this boy's life that he has caused Damien Dharke to kill his mother. Let's face it, that sound like something Dharke would do doesn't it?

Oliver himself knows what it feels like to lose his mother but he was much older than William which could make his son turn against him and maybe set him on the path to becoming his own version of a vigalante. I think this would be a great story to have play out and see how Oliver and the rest of team Arrow handle this.

I could be way off the mark with this but that's why they call it a theory isn't it.

What do you think? Do you have your own theory? If so let me hear them because who doesn't love talking about Arrow Season 4?

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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