ByMack Taylor, writer at

The latest trailer for Batman v Superman left me feeling confused to say the least. But thats not to say this will be a good movie. I'll start off on a positive note - I loved the conversation between Bruce and Clarke. I loved the fight scenes. Loved the nightmare sequence and we even see Darkseid's entry into the DCU.

I loved the trailer up until the part where we see Doomsday or Wraith or whoever it is shows up. That was where my reaction went from "Oh, cool!" to "Oh... wait... what?". I thought this was ment to be Batman v Superman, not Batman + Superman + Wonder Woman vs Doomsday? I shudder when the image of the Trinity in their battle stance come to mind. *Cringe* I've already seen 60's Batman and Batman and Robin.

So is it just me or does this movie look too campy? Notify me in the comments. I guess we'll have to wait till the next trailer. Mr. Sunday Movies said it best: "They fight for a bit and then they're mates!"


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