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Jokester and TV personality Jimmy Fallon is certainly renowned for epic comedy sketches on his celebrity studded late night talk show, The Tonight Show.

He has appeared on the show several times this year wearing a bandage around his hand, leading his audiences to believe that the accident prone TV personality may have endured multiple injuries.

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon

He appeared wearing a bandage again on his Monday night show, and explained to the audience that it was not due to a new injury. Pointing to his bandage Fallon explained:

"I should say if you're watching, this is not a repeat. This is a planned surgery. I didn't fall or anything."

At the 2009 Emmy Awards, Fallon acted out a sketch that required he fall on stage. The planned skit caused him to chip his elbow which ultimately resulted in nerve damage.

Fallon continued:

"Because that happened it kind of hindered the nerves coming back. This is what happens when you're 41 years old."

The latest procedure will hopefully allow the star to have some feeling returned to his hand.

"We'll see what happens in six months or whatever it takes for the nerves to come back. So just put up with me in bandages for one more week and then I won't do it again, I promise."

Here's hopinh everything goes well with the surgery Jimmy, get well soon!

Sources: CNN.


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