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To the delight of fans and '80s nostalgiaholics everywhere, it has been announced that we're getting a Dirty Dancing remake!

ABC's new three-hour musical version of the 1987 cult classic Dirty Dancing will see Frances 'Baby' Houseman played by young star Abigail Breslin.

Nobody puts 'Little Miss Sunshine' in a corner

Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin has certainly come a long way since playing adorable beauty pageant enthusiast Olive Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine in 2006.

With lead roles in Maggie, Final Girl and Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, the 19-year-old shows no signs of slowing down...

Time to Carry a Watermelon, Baby

With the recent trend of successful TV musical productions such as NBC’s The Wiz Live and Fox's upcoming Grease: Live, a good audience should be guaranteed to tune into Breslin taking on the role of shy watermelon-carrying Baby.

The classic romance tells the story of Baby (originally played by Jennifer Grey), a shy girl that falls in love with tumultuous dance teacher Johnny Castle (originally Patrick Swayze) during a family vacation at a summer holiday camp.

Although the word 'remake' normally calls for an unforgiving shudder -particularly when associated with such an adored classic - there is something about sweet 'Little Miss Sunshine' earnestly practicing dance moves on a bridge that makes me feel like this could be one of the exceptions.

Luckily, Abigail has been practicing her dance moves from a young age and is well on her way to filling Baby's shoes. Check this out!

Now that Baby's role has been cast, the next big question is who can fill the shoes of Patrick Swayze for the role of enigmatic Johnny Castle?

The Cast of Dirty Dancing - Then and Now

28 years after the release of the original classic, check out what some of our favorite characters are doing now...

Jennifer Grey a.k.a. Baby

Jennifer played the shy and awkward teenager Frances 'Baby' Houseman. Her perfect interpretation of Baby was the most prominent role in Grey's acting career. Since then she's escaped the limelight to focus on other film & TV productions.

Patrick Swayze a.k.a. Johnny Castle

The sexy dance instructor that stole the hearts of countless girls was played by Patrick Swayze. Swayze went on to have a prosperous career landing leading roles in many movies including Ghost and Point Break. Unfortunately the talented actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died in September 2009, at age 57. Remembered and loved by many, the movie star left a legacy for us to remember him by.

Jane Brucker a.k.a. Lisa Houseman

The older sister of Baby, infatuated with Robbie and eager to lose her virginity, was played by Jane Bruckler. Classmate of Bruce Willis and mother of two daughters, Brucker left the world of acting after Dirty Dancing.

Cynthia Rhodes a.k.a. Penny Johnson

The sensual dance teacher who finds himself embroiled in an illegal abortion was played by Cynthia Rhodes. The actress went on to play roles in classic dance movies Staying Alive and Flashdance before settling down to have a family.

Neal Jones a.k.a. Billy Kostecki

Johnny Castle's young and sympathetic cousin was played by Neal Jones.

Dirty Dancing was his debut on the big screen and since then he has played supporting roles in over 20 films and several television series.

Lonny Price a.k.a. Neil Kellerman

The rich resort heir, determined to win the heart of our beloved Baby, was played by the then 27-year-old Lonny Price, who went on to become a distinguished writer and director with great successes on Broadway.

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