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Ever since Mockingjay - Part 2 came out, we've all been suffering from post-Hunger Games depression. It's a sad realization that the whole adventure is over, and while we can always re-read the books and watch the movies for the hundredth time, it's not really going to cure those Panem-feels.

Which is why this recent interview with Michael Burns from Lionsgate is very exciting.

"Lionsgate entertainment vice chairman Michael Burns compares Hunger Games to Harry Potter and says it will live on and on and on."

On and on, you say? It seems as if the odds are in our favor this time.

Burns further went on and suggested that if they did make more Hunger Games movies, they would probably make prequels.

"The one thing that kids say they missed from the early Hunger Games films was there were no arenas. If we went backwards, there obviously would be arenas."

I don't know about you guys, but I think the first movie is definitely the best out of them all, and I think the arena had a lot to do with that. While I would love to see the arenas again, one thing I would enjoy knowing more about is the First Rebellion – the one that kick-started the Hunger Games in the first place. Perhaps we could see the First Rebellion in the first prequel, and then see the results of that in a second and third?

If you need a reminder of how terrible the arenas were, why not check out this scene from the first movie that completely shattered our hearts – Rue's death.

I have no doubt that a few Hunger Games prequels would be enjoyable to watch, and it seems I'm not the only one, judging by social media.

Lionsgate, that was your cue! You clearly have to make them now, the Internet has spoken.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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