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As we all know, Destiny 2 is to be released by Activision and Bungie sometime in 2016. We assume the release date will match that of what's come before - the original Destiny and The Taken King were released in September. But what can we expect from the series before this time? Will we see more expansions on the horizon?

According to recent interviews with Bungie staff members, Bungie won't be making big DLC releases in year two of Destiny, like we've seen with The Dark Below and House of Wolves in the past. They've chosen to focus on events, like sparrow racing. But does this mean we won't be getting anything big to purchase until September of next year? Seems unlikely considering Destiny's history, right?

The Taken King is The Last DLC Pack Before Destiny 2

Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King

For those that own the vanilla copy of Destiny on the XBOX One, PS4, PS3 orXbox 360, Activision have left you behind with the release of The Taken King. The latest expansion locks you out of a lot of content, and it's a pretty crap situation for those that enjoy the game, but aren't in a position to shell out tons of money for it every few months in order to keep up. With this practice in mind, some of us are understandably sceptical about Bungie's recent claims that we won't have to pay for anything else until the release of Destiny 2.

Of course, the game has seen micro-transactions enter the fray, but these are purely cosmetic. In terms of what players will be able to purchase until Destiny 2, here's one of Bungie's top designers on the topic:

[Eurogamer:] Will there be anything you need to buy to access?
Derek Carroll: “We’ve had Festival of the Lost and now Sparrow racing. [Both events are open to all players, with only cosmetic items purchasable via real-world money.] If you wanted to extrapolate from there, you could.”
Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King

This is the antithesis of the model that we've seen before now. However, reports of the precarious situation within the offices of Bungie (and their upsetting history with Activision) indicate that the developer couldn't have maintained the pace they were going at with Destiny's DLC packs. For now, they're focusing on Destiny 2 and enjoying handing out free events for players who own The Taken King to enjoy.

What Will the Future Of Destiny's Micro-transactions Look Like?


Therefore, with DLC packs out of the way, and no new raids or missions for players to enjoy until Destiny 2, we're left with micro-transactions. So far, they've been pretty harmless. But players have uncovered some worrying sights in Destiny's code, things like purchasable guns and upgrades. Obviously, the fear is that player's will eventually be able to pay-to-win in Destiny - something that would seriously poison the game's reception with fans.

However, we sincerely hope that Destiny's micro-transactions will remain purely cosmetic, and that this new system of free events will continue until the release of Destiny 2. We really want to like Destiny! But what do you think about this news? Did you want more DLC packs and raids to enjoy before September? Or are you happy to just enjoy The Taken King? Let us know in the comments!


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