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We were promised a big twist before the Agents of SHIELD Season 3 hiatus, and did that episode deliver! S03E10 Maveth was a fast paced, exciting return to form for the show, as the team infiltrate HYDRA's castle facility to rescue Fitz, Simmons, and Coulson.

There were lots of lovely team building moments between Daisy's Inhuman strike force too, setting up the dynamic for the Secret Warriors, who should start to establish themselves when [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) returns in the spring. Lash is back too, and wrecking more havoc than ever, so we know S.H.I.E.L.D. will have a lot to deal with when the show resumes in 2016. And of course, there's that big bad monster to contain...

Inhuman or Alien God?

While Season 3 episode 10 did finally show us the ultimate antagonist of this season's story, the revelation raised even more questions. Most of all, I'm not even sure that this creature is an Inhuman, though Malick did refer to it as such. But this episode had the characters call it an "alien god" too... so what's the truth?

Either way, we know it has the power to re-animate and control corpses which is super awesome and super creepy. And super sad too, considering Will is officially a goner.

Will died to save Jemma
Will died to save Jemma

Not-Will explained to Fitz that the blue planet was once home to a race of alien beings, who were advanced but warlike and destroyed themselves. Also, he was there, which implies that he might be one of the aliens himself.

Although we were expecting a horrifying monster, the Inhuman (or alien god, or whatever) turned out to actually be... a worm thing that seems to reside in the brains of whoever's corpse it is controlling. This wasn't obliquely clear, but if you look closely, after Fitz shoots Will something silver and wormlike pours out of the body's mouth. Later on, Zombie-Ward seemed to have a worm shaped thing crawling around inside his temple... (Please excuse the terrible quality of this screenshot!)

Zombie Ward and the worm thing
Zombie Ward and the worm thing

But those of you who are disappointed in this revelation, never fear - as Jemma hinted, it's likely that the creature was once much more powerful. We know it has mind controlling abilities, so maybe it has the ability to shapeshift too, turning itself into a worm in order to get up close and personal to its victims' brains (yuck). This is not it's final form! But one thing is clear...

S.H.I.E.L.D. Could Be Going Off-Book!

Of course, there's still a chance that this creature is hiding in the comic books somewhere. But shapeshifting entities who have mind control and weather changing powers aren't exactly abundant in the Marvel comics, and it's entirely possible that Agents Of SHIELD has created something totally new for the show. Which could be really exciting!

We do have some clues if we want to hunt through the comics for answers though. The key to tracking down the creature might be finding out what Maveth's alien race was...

The ruins of the alien city on Maveth
The ruins of the alien city on Maveth

It's possible that these aliens were the Kree themselves, which would tie in to the Terrigen mist plot line, and would imply that the creature was a hybrid experiment Inhuman who went bad. But there's one problem with this: the Kree still exist in the Marvel universe, and Not-Will said they were all dead. So much for that theory.

With dozens of alien Marvel races to choose from, at least we know how to spend our time while we wait for Season 3 part 2!

Stay Tuned!

So what do you think will happen after the break? We've got some ideas!

  • Lash is back: we'll definitely see May's ex-husband cause all kinds of trouble for the team next year, but can he be redeemed?
  • Secret Warriors: after the success of the raid on HYDRA's castle, we'll probably see Daisy's team start to take on more missions, and maybe more members!
  • Zombie-Ward: Brett Dalton will still be a series regular next year, so we'll get to see just what the creature uses him for...
  • Fitz/Simmons: with Will dead, there's nothing standing in the way of Fitz and Jemma getting together... apart from Jemma's grief, of course. Odds are it'll take a while for these kids to work things out.
"I can see why she loves you."
"I can see why she loves you."

We might have a long time to wait until Agents Of SHIELD returns, but at least there's plenty for us to ponder over in the meantime. Do you have any theories about the alien race or the big bad entity? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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