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Ben Turner

Around Thanksgiving, Khloé shared with her fans her baking efforts. The pecan, pumpkin and cherry pies looked absolutely delicious.

Khloé's caption is also really sweet. It's lovely to see the star proud of herself and going into detail about how she baked all day, amounting to fantastic results!

Well, it would be if there weren't such a big fat lie hiding in the pie.

The pies are apparently from premiere bakery in LA 'Sweet Lady Jane.' Even how Khloé has arranged the pies is the same as on Sweet Lady Jane's website.

This puts Khloé in a very awkward position, and in a way I feel a bit bad for her, but then again, lying is never the way. Especially when the reality star put these already made and delivered pies in her oven to take an Instagram photo to pass them off as her own!

Come on Khlo, we live in the Internet era. Someone is going to find you out. A dishonest hostess is always worse than a lazy one!

Nevertheless, the pies still look amazingly good and I bet they tasted extraordinary.

I'd like a public pie apology, please.


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