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LAX airport has long been the favored nesting site for paparazzi looking to nab a shot of elusive celebrities in the wild, but soon the stars will be penned into their own terminal to protect their privacy.

The Guardian reports that the world's most famous airport has won approval to build a special elite terminal for the stars that will facilitate direct transport from landing strip to limo and ensure snaps can't be taken without the VIP's knowledge.

Kanye scuffles with paparazzi at LAX
Kanye scuffles with paparazzi at LAX

If you aren't a celeb, but happen to make a hefty Hollywood salary, mere mortals can also pay between $1,500-$1,800 to use the terminal's lounges, dedicated security and exclusive catering services. As an added bonus, guests are promised they will have to walk about 60 steps from the street to their plane seat, compared to the 2,200 that are currently required.

Anyone who follows celeb gossip will have seen some of the harrowing videos of stars being swamped and hunted down by paparazzi that illustrate why this decision was deemed necessary...

...That all the $$$, obviously.

While celebs might be breathing a sigh of relief at the thought of a painless transit, the paps are sure to be hopping mad to be losing such an enormous source of revenue.

To give you an idea at how prolific LAX is at churning out celeb paparazzi shots, here are the entries from Twitter for the past few days alone:

Unfortunately for us innocent star-spotters, this also means trips to LAX are much less likely to deliver close encounters of the celeb kind.

(Source: The Guardian)


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