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If the coverage of Taylor Swift's current tour is anything to go by, her public posse is getting larger and larger by the day. However, it seems as if each star taken into the fold must go through some sort of fame vetting process, and unfortunately for Adam Scott, he doesn't make the cut.

The Parks and Recreation star recently took his children to a Swift concert, where he was swept up and invited backstage to meet the singer before her gig kicked off. Scott recalled to Conan on Monday night's episode:

"She was nice enough to have us backstage to say hello beforehand. We were in this little room – she's super classy and sweet – and she comes and talks to the children. Also in the room were Chris Rock and his daughters, Matt LeBlanc and his daughter, and then there was great looking dude and his buddy."

Throughout Swift's 1989 tour, one of the most crowd pleasing gimmicks has been to invite a number of famous faces to appear on stage alongside her, everyone from Ellen Degeneres and Mick Jagger to Leona Lewis and Lena Dunham. So, when Scott was getting ready to leave the backstage area to go into the arena for the gig, Chris Rock apparently approached him to ask whether he'd be joining them on stage.

"I was like, 'No.' I'm not in the famous realm to go on stage. And he was like, 'No you gotta go on stage, man.' But I was like 'No, they didn't ask me. Am I going to go ask if I can be on stage? No.'"

So modestly, Scott leaves and takes his place in the audience.

Swift with Matt LeBlanc, Chris Rock and Sean O'Pry
Swift with Matt LeBlanc, Chris Rock and Sean O'Pry
"Chris Rock comes out and everyone applauds. It makes sense. Yes, I do not belong on a stage with Chris Rock. And then Taylor Swift says, 'And ladies and gentleman, Matt LeBlanc!' And I say, 'Yes, this makes sense, I am now ready to continue with the concert.' Then she says, 'And also ladies and gentleman, this guy that was in one of my videos is here!' And the great looking guy from backstage comes out. And I was like, 'Okay, well now this is kind of bulls–––.' "

Maybe Taylor knew Scott would be trouble when he walked in, or maybe he was just a Blank Space to her, but it would seem he enjoyed the concert regardless. His children on the other hand...

"I think my kids were kind of like, 'Uh, daddy, what the f–––?' "

Understandable, really.

Shake it off, Scott.

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