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Laser Rifles rip through the crowds, vertibirds fall from the sky and the ground shakes as a giant Behemoth smashes and crashes through the street. Watch as 50 Synths and a Behemoth are let loose on the unsuspecting people of Sanctuary - it is utter carnage!

Of course, the opening sequence of Fallout 4 is not supposed to be this action packed - this is where we get to grips with the controls, sculpt our characters and meet the family. No bloodshed, no fuss - that is of course unless you hand the game over to the evil tech wizards over at IGN!

The apparent new masters of destruction and tyranny, IGN, decided that it would be fun to spice things up a little more during the opening scenes of Fallout 4 - apparently nuclear fallout is not quite devastating enough!

The original plan was to drop in 50 Mole Rats - drop them amongst the fleeing crowd and see what would happen. However, a simple mistype error spawned something much worse - 50 angry, heavily armed Synths!

What is hillarious and astounding is that the humans do not take this invasion lying down - they fight back. They take down a few Synths and even steal their weapons and use them against the robots. In an attempt to even the odds still further, they decided to drop in a mighty Behemoth to help crush the Synth army. A battle then ensues between the humans, synths and now the Behemoth.

Seeing the civilians fighting back against the machines was side splittingly entertaining. Humans that can't die versus ultra high tech cyborgs - what's not to love!?

This is yet another brilliant example of how the fun never seems to stop with Fallout 4. Players from across the globe are staging bigger and better battles - what is the best battle you have seen so far?

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Source: IGN


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