ByKiah Johnson, writer at

Now this is probably Luke Skywalker. Not those other theories about him somehow being the sith in this movie. And why wouldn't it be Luke Skywalker? We see R2-D2 right there hanging out with his buddy Luke. This may seem to be a bit obvious, but I haven't scene any announcements or anything with people saying this is Luke. You would probably see the headlines saying Luke is missing! And going by this seen doesn't seem like a long shot after all we don't see R2 in any other scenes. Now if you try to think that no other hero in this movie shows any sign in Luke Skywalker you are right. This scene shows something happened and R2 is with this mysterious stranger. You don't see anyone else around do you? Nope. So what do you guys think? Is this another person we don't know about?


Who do you think it is?


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