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American Horror Story: Hotel is full of so many little details, you may have missed some in episode 9, 'She Wants Revenge.' Here's the promo for a brief recap of this week's installment...

Check out 5 things you may have missed in American Horror Story: Hotel...

1. She Wants Revenge

Episode 9 is named after the band She Wants Revenge, whose song 'Tear You Apart' was used in the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel.

2. Deep Throat

William Buckley Jr, and Deep Throat (1972)
William Buckley Jr, and Deep Throat (1972)

Shortly before Iris slaughters Stormcock and his star, she mentions:

"Even Buckley went to see Deep Throat at the Royal on Santa Monica."

She's referring to conservative commentator William Buckley Jr., who, according to Iris, went to see 1972 porno smash hit Deep Throat.

3. Dandy in the Underworld

James March makes a classical reference when he shouts at the Countess:

"Our dinners are my sole comfort in this Stygian heap!"

'Stygian' refers to the River Styx, the mythical river that ancient Greeks believed separated us from Hades's Underworld. American Horror Story has long been a popular source of classical / Biblical interpretations, including this interesting Fan Theory that posits AHS as Dante's Circles of Hell.

4. The Countess's Identical Men

We cleared up the Identical Dudes mystery on the last couple of AHS: Hotel episodes, but it's nice to hear the Countess clearly elucidate her reasons for trying to collect men who look like her lost love, Rodolfo Valentino:

"God knows I've been trying to recreate you for the last century. A series of pale imitations, gone. "

5. HOW Many?

There's been some confusion as to how many episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel remain, largely due to Wikipedia only listing 10. However, the official FX network website states that this season is:

The 13-episode fifth installment of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning franchise, American Horror Story: Hotel.

In any case, check out the promo for episode 10, titled 'She Gets Revenge'

In case you were wondering about the musical choices in this week's episode, I've created a Spotify playlist for every song featured. I'll be adding to it every week as the series goes on.

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