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Now, I'm not claiming that Netflix is going to become Skynet or anything. I'm not predicting the uprising of Terminators or anything like that, but I am seeing a trend which - if it keeps up - could drastically change the landscape of television and streaming media.

Streaming media in general has, for the last few years, dramatically changed how we all watch television and movies. It's indisputable - there is a shift happening from mainstream cable and satellite providers towards the various streaming providers like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and even the premium channel online streamers. The fact of the matter is that streaming media is where the bulk of viewership is going, and each of the aforementioned providers have their own unique benefits, but ultimately Netflix takes the clear lead.

Netflix has brought its viewers some of the most well produced, high-quality and big-budget original programs, and it shows. Cable providers through their multitude of networks can't make the same claim as Netflix. We've seen show after show on so many networks end because ratings and views just aren't where they were 5 years ago. Netflix is a big reason for that decline in ratings and viewership since the TV networks can't compete with the high quality programming we find on Netflix, Hulu and others - and that trend isn't ending anytime soon.

Netflix had a phenomenal 2015; they released 15 different scripted series including: Marvel's Daredevil & Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8, Master of None and Bloodline as well as releasing continuations of shows cancelled by network channels like Longmire, DreamWorks Dragons and The Killing. Netflix also released their first feature film, Beasts of No Nations, starring Idris Elba.

So what is Netflix planning to do to continue their domination of the market?

Up the ante!

Netflix has announced that their goal is to produce 31 scripted series, 30 children's series, 10 feature films and a slew of stand-up comedy and documentaries.

This is high quality stuff. This is programming people want to watch.

That was a quote from Ted Sarandos, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, and I think it's spot on. Netflix has given us countless programs that bring us back wanting more and more. The binge-watching marathons start with new originals and then we stay to catch up on the shows that we forgot about over the years.

Netflix's partnership with studios like Marvel has only helped Netflix gain even more notoriety, as well as grow in their vision of what the future holds for the company. Netflix truly is setting themselves up to take on network television as the primary venue for watching original programming as they continue to expand and bring in new ventures and genres including an original Anime: Glitter Force, and two new foreign language series - 3% (Portugeuse) and Marseille (French).

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